[fpc-pascal] fpc binary port on aix: It's avaliable ?

phoebus phoebus frphoebus at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 27 10:20:35 CEST 2010


I find the interesting thread baout fpc on AIX platform:

"How hard is it to port FPC to AIX" on 

  (classified under the wrong thread, because they were posted  
starting with a rely to another thread).

"AIX port" on 
http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.compilers.free-pascal.general/20253 (August 
2010 but not find directly in the archive mailing for this period).

I'm not interested to use IBM XL Pascal (compiler xlp). It's not free and i 
don't i have the same components (rtl, fcl) that part of fpc.

At this time, i'm not find binary port on AIX. I read some documents on cross 
compiling but it seems difficult!! I don't understand it to do cross compilation 
form my IDE lazarus to linux. At this time i built from lazarus on Windows and 

Do you know if there are some binary port for aix ?
Do you know how build fpc on Aix platform ?
I have a cc/g++ compiler or xlc compiler on the AIX platform.


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