[fpc-pascal] RE: fpc ide 2.4.2

Pierre Muller pierre.muller at ics-cnrs.unistra.fr
Tue Nov 30 11:47:59 CET 2010

 There is indeed a bug in the text mode IDE.

  Nevertheless, you should be able to go past that restriction
by quitting the IDE after the “Impossible to set COLSxLINES mode”
error box, and re-enter the IDE just after.
  At least on my windows, the IDE after re-starting
has changed its size to the failing mode that was attempted
before closing.

  Please report back if this work-around does not work for you.

  If I start the IDE in a maximized console in a directory
where fp.exe was never used, I get an IDE that has the
size corresponding to the maximized console.

Pierre Muller

> From : Allen Harrington [ email suppressed ]
> Objet : fpc ide 2.4.2

> The IIDE is so small  80x25 it is unusable  my actual screen size is 1680
x 1050..Both 2.4.0 and 2.4.2 are the > same version with the same debugger.
2.4.2 said it cannot be resized to 80 x 83.which is the size for 2.4.0
> The problem is fp.exe itself  it is a different size on the disk!

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