[fpc-pascal] Suggestion about ability to pass local procedures as variables

Max Vlasov max.vlasov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 10:19:04 CET 2010


it appears recently several pieces if knowledge came to me, I understood how
anonymous functions (aka closures) work :) and the fact that GNU Pascal
allows passing local procedure as variables. I mentioned them together
because as many I don't like the closures as they implemented everywhere
including delphi (I read also the discussion here that was several month
ago) and on the other side, I feel that allowing passing local procedures
(if it's technically possible) is a better way to achieve the same. I mean,
this will allow to catch local context for executing anything from external
code (what's actually closures is about).

So, I suppose that implementing closures is not in real plans (it's ok, I
can live with that), but what about the second, is it possible?

I will glad to hear different opinions from the developers


Max Vlasov
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