[fpc-pascal] <time_fraction>Between bug?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun May 30 14:50:59 CEST 2010

In our previous episode, Bee Jay said:
> > Then it shouldn't use floating point. Ever.
> Well... then it shouldn't be using FPC? ;)

This kind of problems are universal, and TDateTime is a library invention.
If you have an integer date based library, you can use that instead.

> Ok, forget about the rocket launcher. The important note that I think need
> to be addressed is the bug only occurs if the milisecond part of a or b is
> 0.  Other than 0, then those functions work correctly.
> I believe most of us rarely write a program that need precision to
> milisecond, usually we simply put 0 on the milisecond part.  The worst
> thing is, the other similar functions e.g.  HoursBetween etc.  which
> commonly used are also affected by the bug.  So, the simple thing could
> lead to a serious problem.

It is a limitation of *between definition and the used format. The
information is not there, so nothing can be done. Therefore a bugreport
would not make sense.

These are simple "handy and cheap" helper functions for relative imprecise
business logic, nothing more. 

For special purpose usage, one could make a separate unit. (e.g. base on a
record type with two int64's). But start reading the calendar FAQ first.
This is not the only problem with dates :-)

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