[fpc-pascal] Powtils Apache and Windows Seven 64bits

Bee Jay bee.ography at gmail.com
Mon May 24 18:30:16 CEST 2010

On 24 Mei 2010, at 22:13, Leonardo M. Ramé wrote:

> With CGI you have one advantage over Apache Modules or Embedded web servers, as far as your "actions" do their work without errors, you don't have to worry about possible memory leaks related to concurrency problems or threads or anything like that, CGI's are much less complex than servers.

That's why I like the CGI gateway mechanism from ExtPascal. The CGI app (lightweight) will run the ascociated FCGI app (the true app) if it's not yet running. If it's already running, the CGI app acts as request proxy for the FCGI app. As FCGI no longer got requests (went idle) for some time, it terminates itself. So, you got CGI and FCGI advantages combined. It's also easier during development, especially debugging. Well, for some small apps, it might be overkill. But, for medium to large apps, with hundreds of concurrent requests, it simply shines over plain CGI.


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