[fpc-pascal] What is the lowest MS-DOS version supported by FPC?

Bihar Anwar bihar_anwar at rocketmail.com
Mon May 17 17:21:22 CEST 2010

Tomas Hajny on May 17, 2010 5:43:07 PM wrote:

>However, I don't think that anyone tried it with anything older than
>MS-DOS 5.0 recently.

So, the safe assumption is fpc-compiled programs should run smoothly in 
at least MS-DOS 5.0. Thanks for the info.

>If you really need to use an even older version (why?)

No, I won't use such old MS-DOS version, but it always good to let users know the minimum requirements.

>if you encounter difficulties with FPC compiled programs running
> under such an old version, let me know, I may try to have a
>look at it (I'm not completely sure if I still have access to anything
>older than MS-DOS 4.01though).

Actually, I've been creating cross-platform libraries for my future programs. For MS-DOS, I will test the libraries in MS-DOS 5.0 as you suggest, and I will report any anomaly I find here or through the bug tracker. Thanks Thomas for your valuable time.


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