[fpc-pascal] Installing Component Packages

Technical tech at polypressuk.co.uk
Tue May 11 13:04:05 CEST 2010

It is a component previous written (and modified by me) for Delphi and 
transferred to Lazarus.

It originally worked on 0.9.26/2.2.2, and still does on one computer. I am 
sure the source code has not changed since then.

The package is just a new package produced using Lazarus, containing the 
source code of the component, but it will not compile or install.

It will not compile or install on any other computer, whether running 
0.9.26/2.2.2, or 0.9.29/2.4.1 so unless there are subtly 
different sub-versions of Lazarus or FPC within the above more major 
versions it should work as previously. I think the downloaded exe installer 
is the same one used on each of the attempts with 0.9.26/2.2.2, including 
the original successful one, so I don't think I can blame it on a 
sub-version either. If the version of Lazarus and FPC is the same, why would 
it just stop allowing installation?

Could you send me a standard environmentoptions.xml file which you would 
expect to work and I'll check it against the one this Lazarus is using. 
Where are the compiler options and project options details stored? If they 
are outside the lazarus directories then perhaps these need to be modified 
as they would not be modified with a reinstalled version (after uninstalling 
the previous version). Are there any other files outside the Lazarus 
directories which could affect the way Lazarus interprets things? I'm 
running XP mainly, but it also occurs with Windows7.


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