[fpc-pascal] Clipboard on WindowsCE

Technical tech at polypressuk.co.uk
Mon May 10 08:52:51 CEST 2010

Thank you, Felipe, for your suggestion of using Lazarus version 0.9.29. 
However, the only way of making it work was to completely remove all trace 
of previous versions of Lazarus (0.9.26, Now I can use the 
clipboard with WindowsCE on the smartphone. However, there is one major 
problem - I had installed several extra components on the previous versions 
which allowed grids to be aligned within each cell and for each column to be 
sorted (alphabetically or numerically). Those components cannot now be 
installed - the error message is "Can't find unit Controls used by 
AlSortGrid" from the AlSortGrid.pas file. If this unit reference is removed 
it then says "Can't find unit Forms used by AlSortGrid" and so on through 
the list in the uses section. These units can be found OK when using the 
StringGrid unit in the Additional component tab on the IDE, so I assume the 
problem is the search path used by the component. I cannot find a search 
path specific to the Packages Component units. I have tried rebuilding the 
entire installation, searching for config files. I am running XP so these 
appear within the Lazarus installation (unlike Vista where they appear 
within Documents and Settings, outside the Lazarus folders) so should be 
removed on complete removal of previous versions. I have checked where they 
are pointing to and appear OK.

Do you have any comments or suggestions please?


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