[fpc-pascal] standard unit description -- builtin funcs & procs

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Thu May 6 12:39:15 CEST 2010


It seems, maybe, that most people using freepascal actually come from a different environment (esp Delphi) with all needed knowledge about (a dialect of) the language itself, here in fact Pascal *and* object Pascal; and also about its major utilities (& common libraries). How do *real* newcomers manage to get this knowledge?

The FAQ states:
20. Standard units
To see the list of base units supplied with Free Pascal, and on which platform they are supported, consult the Free Pascal user's manual. There is also a short description of what each unit does in the same section of the manual. 

But I'm too stupid to find the mentionned description. The user manual only holds a plain list of units (not pointers to descriptions elsewhere). The reference manual does not hold anything about standard units. The programmer manual is all about the compiler itself. Or am I blind? Where to find a how to use them?

Ditto about builtin functions & procedures. I found by chance an older ref manual (version 1.0.8 -- may 2003) at http://www2.toki.or.id/fpcdoc/ref/ref.html that holds a desc of funcs & procs. But I don't know how up-to-date it is. This part has disappeared from current ref.


PS: I still don't get my own messages to the list. Anyone knows why?

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