[fpc-pascal] Comedi Lib Header translation, was: h2pas enum error

Hartmut Eilers hartmut at eilers.net
Wed May 5 11:29:43 CEST 2010

Hallo Pascal Hackers,

Henry Vermaak wrote:
> This is a function that takes an enum param and returns an enum:
> function comedi_set_global_oor_behavior(behavior:
> comedi_oor_behavior): comedi_oor_behavior;

thank you Henry, I check this out.

the comedilib.h has a "include comedi.h" statement so I guess I need
to translate comedi.h to a unit comedi.pas and include it in comedilib.pas
in the uses clause of the interface. Is this right ?

While trying to translate comedi.h with:

h2pas  -e -D -p -w -u comedi  -l comedi -o comedi.pas comedi.h

I get the messages:
at line 495 error : syntax error
at line 498 error : syntax error
Internal error 1 in line 498


    495 static inline unsigned NI_USUAL_PFI_SELECT(unsigned pfi_channel)
    496 {
    497         if(pfi_channel < 10)
    498                 return 0x1 + pfi_channel;
    499         else
    500                 return 0xb + pfi_channel;
    501 }

Could anybody help me, is the inline the problem ? Sorry but I have nearly no
expirience in this.

Thank you

Hartmut Eilers                          http://www.openmsr.org

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