[fpc-pascal] TCgiApplication in cgiapp unit - mostly deprecated

duilio foschi duiliofoschi at euplan.it
Wed May 5 09:18:49 CEST 2010

>> I am working on a project now for RIA similar in concept to ExtPascal, but
>> abstracting out the UI framework with most of the logic executing on the
>> server so that I can plug in different UI's without touching my
>> model/controller.
> That is what I looking for!
> That is what I looking for!
> I do not want to use ExtPascal because it depends on ExtJS and their
> documents (to generate the Pascal code). I wish I could choose the
> JavaScript framework.

from the documentation of ExtPascal:
file:///C:/ExtPascal/help/Overview.html (bottom part)
the Parser can be adapted to read the documentation of another
JavaScript framework, Dojo for example.


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