[fpc-pascal] TCgiApplication in cgiapp unit - mostly deprecated

Marcos Douglas md at delfire.net
Mon May 3 20:22:26 CEST 2010

Lee Jenkins <lee at datatrakpos.com> wrote:
> Yes, I had plans to release it open source when its ready for testing,
> probably within 3-4 weeks from now.

This is great!

> The idea of the framework is mainly based on Proxy pattern.  You build your
> gui within the server session, similar to how ExtPascal does it though with
> a more VCL/LCL kinds of model than ExtPascal.  however, note that it doesn't
> use VCL/LCL and is based non-gui objects like TInterfacedPersistent to avoid
> dependencies on Lazarus LCL or Delphi VCL.


> My goals in its development has been to ensure that the framwork overall:
> A) Not tied to any particular GUI front-end, they should be swappable.  I
> should be able to present my Model/Controller (or other business logic) in
> different UI's such as Flex, Silverlight, ExtJS, Dojo, OpenLaszlo, etc while
> still keeping 95% of the code on the server.

His framework already supports all of these UI?!

> B) Any server platform or protocol.  For instance, you should be able to
> deploy your application using what ever server protocol that is appropriate
> for the job.  So feasibly you should be able to deploy your server app to
> FastCGI, Apache Module, ISAPI or even a stand alone synapse based HTTP
> server like I am using for testing.

This is very interesting ... but you are not creating too many
options? If there are many options, more harder it is to understand,

> Think of it as using the client UI as a puppet, with the server telling the
> client what to display through a two-way event system.
> Here is a short screencast of the framework using the Flex UI layer.  Note
> that its pretty old and the framework has come a long way since this
> screencast and as I said, I'm going through some refactoring now since I
> have to change some things for the customer anyway.

Thanks for the link!

Marcos Douglas

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