[fpc-pascal] Cmpxchg

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Mar 31 16:28:01 CEST 2010

On 31 Mar 2010, at 16:13, Werner Van Belle wrote:

> I have been browsing the web somewhat to figure out how I can have
> access to a cmpxchg function in freepascal. At the momente I found  
> very
> little information. Some references on people arguing that this is
> unnecessary. Others that it takes too much time etcetera. In any  
> case: I
> _really_ want to have access to a cmpxchg function and tried to find
> information on the assembler routines on how to get access to such
> function.

The function you want is InterlockedCompareExchange(), which is  
defined in the system unit: http://www.freepascal.org/docs-html/rtl/system/interlockedcompareexchange.html

It does what cmpxchg does, and moreover is cross-platform.


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