[fpc-pascal] fpGUI Toolkit v0.7-rc1 for FPC 2.4

Roland Schaefer roland.schaefer at fu-berlin.de
Tue Mar 16 11:23:36 CET 2010

On 16.03.2010 00:31, Jorge Aldo G. de F. Junior wrote:
> "I'm maintaining FPC-bindings for DFB. Right now, they work with the 1.4
> line of DFB binaries only. If anyone has a need for 1.2 bindings (which
> is the version that ships with most GNU/Linux distributions these days),
> I'd actually provide such bindings. So, if anyone is seriously
> interested, please come forward."
> Where can i find those bindings ?

A freshly baked tar ball is here:


You need DFB 1.4, which is usually not available in most distros (as I
said, I'm going to provide 1.2 compatibility if there is serious
interest in it (current Ubuntu has 1.2.7)). However, we have a link to a
Zenwalk 6.2 VMWare machine which has DFB 1.4 in our wiki. That machine
is due for a major overhaul. It has quirks (don't update Cairo under any
circumstances!), but can be used to play around with DFB at once:


There is no demo app included in the bindings, so please use:

And there are some 1.2 demo apps in C found here:

They should mostly be translatable 1:1 to Pascal. Notice that on
unprepared desktop distros you need to run your app with root
privileges. The DFB wiki explains about that, and what you can do to
avoid that (wiki server seems to be down again at the moment):



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