[fpc-pascal] New wiki, ftp and mailing list server planned

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at vodafonevast.nl
Sat Mar 13 09:35:06 CET 2010

Florian Klaempfl schreef:
> Flávio Etrusco schrieb:
>> >From the wiki, it's more interesting to pay in Euros, right?
>> Is the German PayPal only a localized version, or are they separate
>> corporations and I'd have to create a different account? And is there
>> a way to use the German site in English? ;)
> Afaik not, it's a german store. But you can look up the server at their

Yes for the store.
> uk branch:
> http://www.alternate.eu/html/product/details.html?articleId=379777

Flavio asked about Paypal.


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