[fpc-pascal] fpGUI Toolkit v0.7-rc1 for FPC 2.4

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 14:02:28 CET 2010

leledumbo het geskryf:
> I know, but as long as there's no BIG API changes in fpgui, the current
> lcl-fpgui implementation should still work, right?

The lcl-fpgui has never worked. The current lcl-fpgui implementation is far
from complete. Last time I checked, only about 5 basic components could be
dropped on a form and displayed, but much of the implementation still needs
to be done before it is near usable.

If you want to use fpGUI today, then use fpGUI directly, without the LCL.
That is the only way you will get the full benefit of fpGUI.

The fpGUI release also includes an add-on package that registers a new
project type with Lazarus IDE (File > New... > fpGUI app). You can also
integrate the fpGUI DocView (INF help viewer) and fpGUI UI Designer (visual
forms designer) with Lazarus IDE, via the "external tools" menu option.
This allows you to press Shift+F1 and get context sensitive help (FCL, RTL,
LCL and Language Reference) without the need for internet access. You can
also edit a unit and press Ctrl+Shift+F12 and load the UI Designer with the
current unit you were editing. When you return to Lazarus IDE, the ide will
prompt to reload the file (if it changed). We [our company] have been using
Lazarus IDE like this for the last 4 years with great success.

The same integration can be done with MSEide as well. If you want I can add
a web page describing in detail how to setup the IDE integration with
Lazarus IDE and MSEide. I think I should do this in any event before the
final v0.7 release.

  - Graeme -

fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal

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