[fpc-pascal] Serial port parity...

Mihai Rainer mihai at remember.ro
Tue Mar 2 13:52:51 CET 2010


Is there eny chance to handle the parity bit for serial
port communication?
I am using a 9 bit communication with a device and I need
to control the 9th bit.
I tried synaser. It dows not handle parity for MARK/SPACE.
I have written a procedure to count bits in a byte and
config the port for EVEN/ODD parity acordingly to have the
parity bit as I need. It is working, but, I have to insert
a 2ms delay after each byte sent for settling serial port
on each parity mode change. It is working fine except that
2ms will trigger the timeout procedure on the serial
equipment. So, I need to control parity bit on the fly. Any
chance to do that without building a serial interface with
a uC?

I am using Ubuntu with FPC 2.2.4.

Thank you very much and best regards,

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