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Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 15:44:50 CEST 2010

Op 2010-07-26 14:34, Martin het geskryf:
> Let me see, if I got the idea (Graeme's idea) correct.

Please note: I did not say my ideas are perfect, just that they are
suggestions that was put out there. Discussions regarding namespaces and
ideas/suggestions need to filter out the finer details of what could or
couldn't work. This is the whole point of this discussion at this stage.

> lets say we have:
> rtl:   classes, sysutils,  but *not* foo
> rxlib:   sysutils, foo    (all in namespace rx)
> mylib:   foo   (namespace my)
> It the my project itself:   sysutils, my   (no namespace?)
> uses classes;    // the one from rtl
> uses sysutils;    // the one from my project?

No. I envision that not defining a namespace means if falls under the
"global" namespace, and the global namespace takes priority. So with saying
that, FPC's RTL would probably be compiled as-is without defining any
namespace, giving it search priority.

In your example above, sysutils inside the project conflicts with the
sysutils of the rtl, so the project will have to define a namespace for its
sysutils unit. eg: 'unit sysutils namespace myproject;' or compile the
project with a namespace compiler parameter.

> uses rtl.sysutols;   // rtl

As I mentioned above. Reducing the amount of required changes (which would
make FPC developers happy), means that the RTL is not compiled with any
namespace, so to reference the RTL's Sysutils unit, you would simply use:

> uses foo;  // error ambigious?

Yes, just like you would get with the current FPC compiler (which doesn't
have namespace support). You need to specify which namespace the 'foo' unit
belongs too. Neither the RTL nor the project contains a 'foo' unit, so the
compiler will give a conflicting unitname error (or something like that).

> uses rc.foo, my.foo, my; // there is a unit my
> ...
> begin
>    foo.a; // error, which foo?
>    my.foo.a; // is that unit my, record foo.a OR unit my.foo ?

Good point, I haven't thought that far. I only worked though of the uses
clause.  Maybe when referencing a namespace we need a different syntax?
Something that distinguishes between a <unit name>.<var or record>
reference and a <namespace>.<unit name> reference.

I'm not sure what will fit nicely in the Object Pascal language. Generics
already uses the < and >  characters. The _ is not allowed as the starting
character of a unit name, so maybe that could be used? Or maybe the #

    rc.foo, my.foo, my;
    foo.a;  // is the <unitname>.<var or record> syntax
    _my.foo.a; // is <namespace>.<unit name>.<var or record> syntax.

...not sure if _ should be used in the uses clause as well for consistency.
Currently a '.' (dotted) unit name is not allowed in the uses clauses, so
FPC could know that a 'rc.foo' means <namespace>.<unit>. But consistent
syntax is probably better, so the uses clause will change to.

    _rc.foo, _my.foo, my;

Second suggestion is changing the _ character to a # character, but then
again, that conflicts with a hex char notation, so is probably not a good idea.

> But worst of all
> uses sysutils;    // the one from my project?

No, because the RTL is not compiled with a namespace, so falls under the
"global" namespace with takes preference over project units or all other
namespaces. This then stays consistent with how developers understood the
code as it currently works. Compiler included units take preference.

  - Graeme -

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