[fpc-pascal] How choose units names?

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Wed Jul 21 23:46:13 CEST 2010

Marcos Douglas wrote:
> How choose units names?
> How you have no conflict with names of the units? Do you use some
> prefix in your units as "uwebutils.pp", "mywebutils.pp",
> "xyzWebUtils.pp", etc.

I used to prefix my units and classes with MW.
At my job all internal library units start with CC (abbrev of our 
company name).
The product I'm working on now starts with a K so all classes and units 
belonging to it start with CCK. This product has some sub projects, 
Console, Control and Config. So those units and classes start with 
CCKConsole, CCKControl, CCKConfig (nad some 20 more). So in each of 
those projects I can have a CCKClasses, CCKConsoleClasses, 
CCKControlClasses, CCKConfigClasses unit without conflicts.
By looking at the name I know what the impact will be if I change 
something in a class or unit.

> Thanks,
> MD

Maybe prefix with MD ?


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