[fpc-pascal] writeln: FPC runtime race conditions in external C threads

Alexander Grau alex at grauonline.de
Mon Jul 12 12:58:56 CEST 2010


While using an external C framework (Mac OS X, discrecording OS  
framework, FPC 2.4), I noticed that my FPC console app crashes when I  
use writeln's in both C threads (callbacks).

Example:  Two FPC functions that are called from an external C library  
(c_callback1 and c_callback2) - callback2 is called within callback1  
in another C thread (other than the FPC main thread).

// called from external C framework within the FPC main thread
c_callback1; cdecl;
   // c_ callback2 is called here from another C thread
   writeln('callback1end');   <==   my FPC console app crashes here  
( "EInOutError - Disk Full")

// called from external C framework in another C thread
c_callback2; cdecl;

An unhandled exception occurred at $000669E3 :
EInOutError : Disk Full
   $000669E3  CALLBACK1,  line xxx

Question:    Why isn't it safe to call writeln's in non-FPC threads?  
Are there any other FPC runtime functions I should not call within non- 
FPC threads?

I'm going to make an FPC wiki page ('Threading Pitfalls')  that will  
discuss these and other issues related to threading and I welcome all  
explanations on this so I can better understand this problem! :-)


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