[fpc-pascal] Mac OS X gdb: Segmentation Fault loading my project

Tobias Giesen tobias_subscriber at tgtools.com
Sat Jul 10 20:23:47 CEST 2010

> > With FPC 2.4.0 I get Fatal: Compilation aborted: Unhandled exception 
> > at ... on line 1 of some units.
> Does it still happen after cleaning the project and then rebuilding it?

I manually deleted all .ppu, .o, and .rst files and it happens on a
fresh build.

By the way could -Cs20000000 do any harm? Maybe one 0 too many?

I saw 2.4.3 for Windows on the snapshots page, is there any such
update for Mac?

Kind Regards,
Tobias Giesen

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