[fpc-pascal] Problem with Objective Pascal and delphi mode

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Thu Jan 28 15:41:27 CET 2010

On 28 Jan 2010, at 15:26, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho wrote:

> I am having trouble with the delphi mode and objective pascal. If I
> use this defines:
> {$mode delphi}{$modeswitch objectivec1}
> Then I get an error in this line:
>  MainWindow.contentView.addSubview(TextField);
> simpleform.lpr(63,26) Error: Unknown record field identifier  
> And in this one too:
>  NSApp.run;
> simpleform.lpr(71,9) Error: Unknown record field identifier "RUN"
> If I use
> {$mode objfpc}{$modeswitch objectivec1}
> then everything builds fine.

Please file a bug report with a small, compilable self-contained  

> Also, some more things:
> Is creating the autorelease pool necessary or will the compiler do it
> automatically?

autorelease pools are not part of the language, they are part of the  
Cocoa framework. The compiler never automatically creates them.

> I see that it isn't created in some examples which use
> NSApplicationMain, and in the docs of this routine It's never said
> that it will create the autorelease pool.

 From http://developer.apple.com/Mac/library/documentation/Cocoa/Reference/ApplicationKit/Classes/NSApplication_Class/Reference/Reference.html#/ 
/apple_ref/doc/uid/20000012-800060, last paragraph of "Overview" :

"The NSApplication class sets up autorelease pools (instances of the  
NSAutoreleasePool class) during initialization and inside the event  
loop—specifically, within its initialization (or sharedApplication)  
and run methods."

> Also, should I initialize NSApp or just use the default? I remember
> that one needed to initialize it in PasCocoa with:
>  NSApp := NSApplication.sharedApplication;

See again http://developer.apple.com/Mac/library/documentation/Cocoa/Reference/ApplicationKit/Classes/NSApplication_Class/Reference/Reference.html#/ 
/apple_ref/doc/uid/20000012-800060, but the first two paragraphs of  


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