[fpc-pascal] OOP and XML usage

Jorge Aldo G. de F. Junior jagfj80 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 15:10:22 CET 2010

with my system would be simply something like

   TMyClass = Class(TXMLNode)
     fSomething : String;
     Constructor Create(Const aInstanceName : String); Override;
     Class Function XMLTag: String; Override;
     Property Something : String Read fSomething Write fSomething;

Constructor Create(Const aInstaceName  : String);
  Inherited Create(aInstanceName);

Class Function XMLTag: String;
  Result := 'MyTag';


Whenever the xml loader finds a <mytag something="test"/> it will
create an instance of TMyClass and set the published properties
accordingly (Using RTTI)...

Theres another procedure (wich is virtual and can be overriden if
needed) that triggers events across the three... (wich are basically
dotted notation names...)

MyClass1.MyClass2.Test <-

Finds instance MyClass1,
Finds instance MyClass2 that is a child of MyClass1

then issues a DispatchStr in MyClass1 with Test as the message
string... (The pointer can be passed as to hold properties, values,

(Im using this message system to allow brower events to be sent to
server side objects)

2010/1/27 Anthony Walter <sysrpl at gmail.com>:
> I've written some XML classes which expose themselves as interfaces.
> Usage goes something like this:
> procedure SaveSettings(const Settings: string);
> var
>  Document: IDocument;
>  Filer: IFiler;
> begin
>  Document := CreateDocument;
>  Filer := Document.ForceRoot('test') as IFiler;
>  Filer.WriteTime('time', Now);
>  Filer.WriteString('application', Application.ExeName);
>  Document.SaveToFile(Settings);
> end;
> <test><time>21:11:17</time><application>test.exe</application></test>
> procedure ShowPerson;
> var
>  Document: IDocument;
>  Root: INode;
> begin
>  Document := CreateDocument;
>  Filer := Document.ForceRoot('data');
>  Root.ForceNode('person/age').Value = 17;
>  Root.FindNode('person[age = 17]').Filer.Write('Jason');
>  Root.Filer.Write('person/salary', 10000);
>  ShowMessage(Document.Text);
> end;
> <data><person><age>17</age><name>Jason</name><salary>10000</salary></person><data>
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