[fpc-pascal] Cancelling Scientific notation

James Gibbens gibbens at intekom.co.za
Tue Jan 26 21:20:28 CET 2010

Good evening Frank,
Thank you very much for your answer. The Writeln(y:0:2); works beautifully.
The backgroundcolor is solved as far as the text goes, but the rest is still 
black. What is the whole area cover by the program, the "screen" called?
I still need to down load the help files - so if I am stupid, please say so.
I am a retired MAths teacher and I want to make programs so that the 
learners(?) [earlier we called them pupils / students] can PRACTISE the 

Thanks again

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> On 25/01/2010 18:37, James Gibbens wrote:
>> Hallo FPC gurus,
>> I am VERY new to free pascal and I have a couple of problems. Can 
>> somebody please help?
>> 1. If a, b are real numbers and I want to round a/b foo to 3 decimal 
>> places, the answer is displayed in Scientific notation. How do I turn 
>> that off?
> Are you using Write and Writeln? For strings and integers, you can specify 
> the field width, e.g.
>   x := 'Hello';
>   Write(x:10);
> will write the variable x using at least 10 characters, using spaces for 
> padding if necessary. For floating-point types you can also specify the 
> decimal places, e.g.
>   y := 12.345;
>   Writeln(y:0:2);
> will write y using at least 0 characters, i.e. no padding at all, with 2 
> digits after the decimal point.
>> 2. Without using Object Pascal, how can I change the background colour, a 
>> very black BLACK, when the program runs? It is strenuous on my poor eyes.
> That I'm not so sure of. There used to be a crt unit, so add CRT to the 
> uses clause at the top of your program
> uses foo, bar, CRT, whatever;
> and then you could use
>   textbackground(blue);
>   textcolor(yellow);
> and like that. I guess it's still supported.
> Frank
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