[fpc-pascal] LZMA Algorithm fails on 64bit

JoshyFun joshyfun at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 14:58:40 CET 2010

Hello FPC-Pascal,

Monday, January 25, 2010, 2:27:00 PM, you wrote:

MK> I cpmpressed a stream with the 64bits version. I can uncompress it
MK> successfully on 32bit, but not on 64bit.
MK> I haven't tried to decompress 32bit compressed files under 64bit, but
MK> decompressing files compressed under 64bit does not work under 64bit, but
MK> on 32bit.

Well, so the compression routine seems to be fine and 64 aware. I
asked because in the encode routine I found 2 points that could be
problematic or not, but I can not test 64 bit right now.

In 32->64 bits conversion I had found some problems when using
"trivial" compares against constants, but none of them appear to be
present in the decoder.

>> So the question a 32 bits compressed LZMA can be decompressed with 32
>> bits "decode", and the same stream decompressed with the 64 bits
>> version ?
MK> I'll try, but I think it won't work.

I hope to have some spare time this afternoon to test it, as I also
need LZMA decompress in 64 bit.

Best regards,

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