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Subject: creating a standalone executable (eg: applicationinstallation file)

> Hi,
> I have seen a few Linux application that have standalone executables
> that are installation programs. Once run, it installs the application
> in the appropriate directory location, can run as root or normal user
> and creates a desktop and Application menu icon. Similar to Windows's
> setup.exe idea. An example of such a Linux application is
> 'installpixel32' from the Pixel32 project, or Kylix 3 installation.
> * How does one create such a standalone application?
> * How do you include the application executable and other resources
> (text, image, sound files etc) inside such an installation executable?
> I'm trying to create (mainly for our company, but probably open-source
> in the end) such a standalone setup creation for our projects. This
> way it will be Linux distro independent. I also don't want to go the
> route of projects like AutoPackage that first requires a setup runtime
> to be installed. I want a installation file like what Pixel32 did. One
> installation executable without any installation runtime etc. and
> after the installation, I can simply click on 'uninstall' or run
> 'setup -u' and a graphical uninstaller is launched.
> I'm going to look at Loki Games's setup program to see if I can port
> it to fpGUI Toolkit, or at least get some ideas of how to create such
> a setup application. Basically I'm trying to create a "InstallShield
> Lite" but for Linux. :-)  The nice thing of Loki Games is that it run
> run as a console installation or a GUI installation - again, no idea
> how they managed that, but it was possible (Kylix 3 installation did
> that).
> Anybody have pointers or internet links I can read up on the subject?
> -- 
> Regards,
>  - Graeme -
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Hi Graeme,
   perhaps this link might help - it shows you how to create a linux script 
with appended zip'd data, and then make it executable so it can be run as a 
normal program :)


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