[fpc-pascal] [OT] which editor - emacs?

Robert Wolfe wolfe.robwolfe at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 22:49:18 CET 2010

Ingemar Ragnemalm wrote:
> Hans-Peter Suter <gchappi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm on a mac and use TextMate currently. As it doesn't jump between
>> declaration and implementation and ist mac-only, I am looking for a
>> replacement.
>> Is Emacs a good choice? Does it work well with FPC?
> I don't quite understand the question.
> Why is "Mac only" a problem? I use whatever is available on the 
> platform I am on. Under Linux, I usually use Gedit. Well, except that 
> I avoid plain text editors for development since I consider them 
> inefficient.
> Emacs is good if you don't care for consistency between applications 
> at all. It can do anything but nothing is easy with it. It has old 
> commands from the TTY days that are different from everything else.
> How should "jump between declaration and implementation" work? That 
> sounds like the kind of functionality that requires the program to 
> parse the file contents a lot, which rules out any editor that doesn't 
> have an explicit Pascal mode that is FPC compatible.
> /Ingemar
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Yeah, I tend to use gEdit for editing just about every text file I have 
to edit.  Even under Windows.

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