[fpc-pascal] Free Pascal 2.4.0 released

Doug Chamberlin dougchamberlin at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 3 02:11:50 CET 2010

Jonas Maebe wrote:
> On 02 Jan 2010, at 21:56, Doug Chamberlin wrote:
>> 1) Yes, the Users Guide has installation instructions in Chapter 2. However, it warns only to not install the software into directories that contain embedded spaces. It does NOT warn about untarring the tarballs into such directories.
> That's because this was an (unknown) bug.
>> It should.
> Not anymore. In fact, the warning about not installing in a directory with a space can also be removed now (at least for Linux).

Many thanks for the quick fix, Jonas.

Anyone know how soon this will be incorporated into the tar file that is 
posted as the latest 2.4 download?

Doug C.
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