[fpc-pascal] some new features to delphi prisem

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Feb 21 19:22:10 CET 2010

In our previous episode, dmitry boyarintsev said:
> > assignment. Case begin..end blocks can do much more than simple
> > oneliners.
> Maybe some-one would like to catch-up with Delphi/Prism?
> Wouldn't be possible to start a Prism mode to support new Delphi
> syntax features? (or modeswitch, just like objectivec)?

IMHO Prism is not even Delphi. Just recycling of the brand.

I'd rather see the time spent on features that really matter (like generics,
SEH/COM support, unicode).

If a feature is not supported by delphi, the usage is usually very low
(since most people don't even know about it, and some are limited by
compatibility requirements), except in the rare cases that it is really used
a lot (like in the past the pointer overindexing and the exit() features.
But they are no longer extensions, since D2009 Delphi has them too)

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