[fpc-pascal] Memcached interface for FPC available already?

Mark Daems mdaems at advalvas.be
Sun Feb 21 13:40:27 CET 2010

Is somebody aware of an fpc interface for the memcached protocol? (See
As there seem to be some projects using fpc to provide web content and
memcached seems to be one of the more important techniques used on
bigger websites there may already be someone who wrote some interface
for fpc.

I did give it a try myself implementing the plain text protocol using
the LNet TLTcp class which seems to work fine. I already implemented
the main protocol functions.
Also gave the binary protocol a try, but there I'm having trouble with
sending the variable length body data.
As LNet seems to be a 'web' project itself it may be a nice idea to
add a MemcachedClient unit. Before offering this project my
amateuristic attempt I'd like to know if and how others did the job.


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