[fpc-pascal] Re: Ido not understand UTF8 in Windows console.

Luis Fernando Del Aguila Mejía luis3000 at ec-red.com
Thu Feb 18 19:05:44 CET 2010

> If you are doing this in Lazarus by default you are creating a GUI
> application, so any writeln will raise an error as stdout is closed.

I am not using lazarus,  I am using PSPad, gedit, jedit, notepad, etc..
I just wanted to know is whether you can write the source code using UTF8.
In linux this simple program, it compiles and runs, but in windows vista 
bussines is not possible.
The problem appears only when using UTF8 own characters, like accented "o".

Example: "camión", with accent at failure, but "camion" without an accent, 
not the failure occurs

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