[fpc-pascal] Printing of FPC program listing

James Gibbens gibbens at intekom.co.za
Mon Feb 15 22:19:47 CET 2010

Hallo All,
Thank you for the answers and advice I have received. Three new issues if you good people don't mind.
1. I want to print my program listing by using the print option in the File drop-down menu (Free Pascal IDE window). I click on the Print option but nothing happens - the printer is on and it does print. How can I fix that?
2. The window of the Free Pascal IDE is only 21 lines high. Is it possible to show more lines on the computer screen? How can I do that?
3. Is it possible to get FPC to use a comma (,) in stead of a period (.) as the separator between integer and fraction? The way they do it in Europe?
Thank you for the answers.
James Gibbens.
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