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On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 14:01, Justin Smyth <delphian at smythconsulting.net>wrote:

>  I've got a simple question , i want to write a component that has two or
> more other components on it ( ie a text box or or a button and a image ) on
> it , should i be using a widget to do this ? or should i just write it
> directly ( i've written components for lazarus before but can only get one
> control on it ) the platform i will be using will be Win32 ( i want to
> convert some other components that i have that have more than one graphical
> control on them so far i havent been sucessfull doing it )
> Any help would be great

You need a container for it such as TWinControl or something like that (see
TCustomPanel or something like that) that can have child component inside,
and by code you place the other components inside.

You can see the TLabelEdit for example of two components inside one.

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