[fpc-pascal] daemon error, arm-linux

"Евгений Семенов (Evgeniy Semenov)" sem-evgen at rambler.ru
Tue Feb 2 21:36:31 CET 2010

Hello, can anybody tell me what's a problem. When I start my daemon on 
first machine that have 'arm' processor, it's successfully running, but 
on other machine that have same cpu it fail.
On first machine 'uname -m' return: "armv5tejl"
On second 'uname -m' return: "armv5tel"

Second machine error listing:

An unhandled exception occurred at $0001BC08 :
EAccessViolation : Access violation
   $0001BC08  fpc_ansistr_incr_ref,  line 120 of 
   $000241DC  fpc_copy,  line 271 of /home/sem/fpcbuild/rtl/inc/rtti.inc
   $000244D0  fpc_copy,  line 334 of /home/sem/fpcbuild/rtl/inc/rtti.inc
   $000245E0  fpc_copy_proc,  line 367 of 
   $00103DD4  ZDBCMETADATA_init,  line 4634 of 
   $00024E78  fpc_initializeunits,  line 768 of 
   $00008978  main,  line 104 of DPSDaemon.lpr

Sorry for my English, I hope you understood me.

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