[fpc-pascal] commutative operators

Jetcheng Chu jcchu at acm.org
Thu Dec 30 05:57:37 CET 2010

I think you need to make sure that `a' and `b' are in the same algebraic
system before making the commutativity of the operator meaningful.
Maybe you can merge `one_type' with `another_type' into a common type,
or cast one to the other?

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Subject: [fpc-pascal] commutative operators
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> suppose I define an operator:
> operator + (a: one_type; b: another_type) : one_type;
> Is there any way to specify that it should be "commutative", so I don't have to 
> additionally define the reverse:
> operator + (a: another_type; b: one_type) : one_type;
> Thanks
> ~David.
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