[fpc-pascal] Re: FPC programs in Android without JNI

Jeppe Johansen jepjoh2 at es.aau.dk
Tue Dec 28 11:16:44 CET 2010

Den 28-12-2010 10:03, Florian Klämpfl skrev:
> Am 28.12.2010 04:17, schrieb Jeppe Johansen:
>> They are C APIs indeed. I just took a stab at it, and after a long day
>> of pointer errors in converted C code and really, really badly
>> descriptions of error messages, I managed to port the example from here
>> http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/NativeActivity.html
>> to FPC
> What FPC did you use? Just a plain arm compiler with an eabi rtl?
Just a plain arm compiler(something close to trunk revision) and an eabi 
rtl, yes
>> Of course this doesn't solve any of the user interface problems, but I'm
> I thought 2.3 support now native apps using the android user interface?
I don't think so. At least I can't find any mention of anything 
resembling that in the header files of the NDK. You can get access to 
native windows and draw to its surface, but you can't use native ui 
controls(TextView, etc)

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