[fpc-pascal] The new Delphi 2010 RTTI

Dimitri Smits smitco at telenet.be
Wed Dec 22 16:37:57 CET 2010


what is so different on this mail than the one I sent a few months ago to the fpc-devel list?

anyway, it would require some packages (bpl) language/RTE additions as well. That was where I was hanging when spare time slipped away a few months back. I started on rtti unit with help in embarcadero's online wiki. Btw, during those few weeks, I noticed the XE updates. In theory it is possible to do some AOP in Delphi XE now with TVirtualMethodInterceptor or something like that.

the unit wasn't all that useful yet (mostly interface) and probably partially obsolete due to the XE upgrade :-). 

kind regards,
Dimitri Smits

----- "Thierry Coq" <tcoq at free.fr> schreef:

> Hello,
> Delphi 2010 has changed the RTTI mechanism, and it is said to be much
> more usable than the previous one.
> (see here for example: http://www.malcolmgroves.com/blog/?p=476)
> Some interesting tools are using this new approach, like
> DelphiOnRails:
> http://code.google.com/p/delphionrails/
> Currently, the FPC doesn't implement this new mechanism (See Jonas' 
> answer to my previous post, badly sent :-( ).
> But it might be possible to add this mechanism, by making patches to
> FPC.
> Would it interest somebody to have this new functionality?
> Best regards,
> Thierry
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