[fpc-pascal] Numerics and graphics in Free Pascal

Karsten Rothemund photor at gmx.de
Fri Dec 10 22:33:16 CET 2010

Hello list,

I am new to the list and read it for nearly a week now. So it may be the
topic is already answered. In this case, I say sorry.

I want to start programming in Free Pascal using Lazarus (installed from
the Debian Squeeze) because I want to do programming on my Debian system
but I also want use the programs on Windows too. My interests are
related to numerics and scientific calculations.

There are two things I haven't found in the documentation up to now:

1. is there a library to easy handle matrices or do other numerical
calculations like the numpy package does for python? (multiply, solve 
Ax=b, numerical integration)

2. display graphic representations of data (ploting functions or points
in coordinate system, contour plots, 3D plots, etc; example here again
my be python multiplot package)? I know there is something like drawing 
graphic primitives (lines, points, arcs ....) which of course can be used 
to code something. 

But I don't what to invent the wheel again ;)

Thank you for your answers



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