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Fri Dec 3 09:31:11 CET 2010

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Osvaldo Filho <arquivostcf at gmail.com>wrote:

> Is Firebird really free?
> If you’re expecting some sensation, I’ll not make you happy. Shortly, yes,
> Firebird is free, completely. You can use it wherever you want and you don’t
> have to pay anything nor release sources of your application nor …
> On the other hand, the whole truth, considering all the edge cases and
> consequences, is different. To keep high quality of final product, keep
> adding new features, provide bug fixes – simply moving forward – the creator
> needs some resources. If these resources will not be available, it will be
> effectively dead. The resources I’m here talking about, in case of Firebird,
> are people doing full time or regular development. These people have
> families, houses, hobbies, … And for all of these items you need money (in
> our society [image: :)] ). They’re not doing it for fun (only), but also
> for living as well.
> So Firebird actually needs some money to keep moving. It doesn’t have
> licenses to buy or something like that. We’re simply relying on the fact,
> that people using it, similar to people working on it, do love it. And are
> educated enough to realize all this and provide, even small, support. Thus
> next time you’ll be deploying your application with Firebird, think about
> sending $10 or even $1. I bet it’s nothing for you (compared to price of the
> application or money you’re paying for toilet paper in your office). And ten
> thousand people (not much) donating $10 makes a huge difference. It’s not
> only about few donating $10000.
> And by the way, Firebird is not “just” engine, but tools around too: .NET
> driver [image: ;)] , Java driver, documentation, QA, …, you name it.


Zaher Dirkey
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