[fpc-pascal] fcl-web webdata example(s) on Windows has some problems

ABorka fpc-devel at aborka.com
Tue Aug 17 03:37:11 CEST 2010

>> c; demo2 - demo6
>> 1. "The following package failed to load: lazwebdata" (there are a
>> lazwebdata.pas and reglazwebdata.pp files in the demo directory, so
>> that might be something to use somehow)
> No, this is the old package name before it was renamed to lazwebextra. I
> will check this.

It seems this is just in the .lpi file, when removed in Lazarus from the 
project as dependency and removed the .rc line from the project source, 
then demo2 compiles OK.

However, demo2 does not want to display anything in the grid despite 
writing out the response into a debug file the data seems to be OK. Not 
only that, the add/save buttons are working because adding a new record 
and saving, then refreshing the grid the debug file shows the new 
record. It just doesn't display anything in the grid here.
This is interesting because there are virtually no differences between 
demo and demo2 .html and .js files.


a; demo
1. xml is working for the first demo, there was no problem, maybe a 
reboot helped or something.

b; demo, demo1...demo6
1. minor: In the *.js files iconCls are used a few times, however, there 
are no 'icon-add', 'icon-delete' and 'icon-save' css parts included (and 
those are not included in the extjs release either) so background images 
are not shown for the toolbar buttons.
ex. somewhere there should be a
   background:url(/images/add.gif) 0 no-repeat !important;
etc. or similar defined to see button images (of course the gifs are 
also needed)

c; demo6
1. in extgrid.ini is that a real user name and password ;)

I will play further and try to figure out why the grid in demo2 doesn't 
show anything despite the data replied seems OK both with JSON and XML.


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