[fpc-pascal] fcl-web webdata example(s) on Windows has some problems

ABorka fpc-devel at aborka.com
Mon Aug 16 01:29:05 CEST 2010

>> WinXP 32, FPC and Lazarus latest SVN checkout.
>> I was trying to play a little bit with the promising new fcl-web
>> webdata features to see how JSON/EXTJS works with FPC/Lazarus and came
>> up with the following problems in the first demo example
>> ...fpcdir...\packages\fcl-web\examples\webdata\demo\
>> I could not yet figure out what the problem is due to limited time at
>> the moment (2:00AM), any suggestions would be welcomed to find the
>> solution/fix.
> I have fixed the example. Revision 15817.
> Michael.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the fix. I really look forward to use these new features.
I was testing a little further and here are the current results.
(Sorry if this is a little bit lengthy, but I would really like to see 
this through and have super demo programs for both Linux/Windows people.
Also, to learn how to use these new Lazarus/FPC features, of course.)
If I can help with some simple works to get this done - other than these 
testings - , please let me know how.

a; fcl-web, fpweb general
1. It would be really nice to have the fpweb action names generated 
properly (like Delphi) in Lazarus ( 
http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=15820 )

2. The other demo apps (demo2...demo6) also have the .rc file line in 
the project .lpr source

3. Demos.txt in the ...examples\webdata\ folder mentions Demo1, but the 
directories go as Demo, Demo2, Demo3 ...

4. The other fpweb dependent demos (ex: fptemplate) were moved into the 
\lazarus\components\fpweb\demo\ directory from the fpc\packages\fcl-web. 
Shouldn't we have these demo programs in one place only?

5. Packages "weblaz" and "lazwebextra" in Lazarus (under fpweb 
directory) should have somewhat similar name and definitely some 
description. In the Lazarus fpweb directory the file names and package 
names need to be organized a little bit. I know this is vague...

b; demo (...\examples\webdata\demo)
1. Delete button should maybe have a confirmation dialog and to not have 
to click on Save after clicking on Delete to actually delete a record.

2. minor, nice to have: Maybe autosave after leaving any cell after 
editing? Bigot Excel/OpenOffice using customers will expect it to work 
like that. I know this is just a simple demo...

3. Maybe note for Windows people that they probably need to put the CGI 
program into their cgi-bin directory after compilation, and copy the 
.dbf file next to it.
Then they need to modify the extgrid*.js files and change the 
extgrid.cgi to something like 
"" or similar (it works with 
.cgi on Windows with Apache, there is no need to have the .exe extension).
Also, to put the .html and .js files into their DocumentRoot directory 
under folder "demo" or something.
Also, to unzip the downloaded extjs zip file into their DocumentRoot 
(and there will be an ignorable problem in the docs folder somewhere 
during unzipping, because it seems extjs uses menu.html and Menu.html 
files in the same directory in one place /v3.2.1/, which Windows does 
not support).

4. The JSON html is working now, but the xml one doesn't list anything 
in the grid. This might be that I did something wrong, will check demo2 
and try both there.

c; demo2 - demo6
1. "The following package failed to load: lazwebdata" (there are a 
lazwebdata.pas and reglazwebdata.pp files in the demo directory, so that 
might be something to use somehow)

2. minor, nice to have: Would be nicer to use different project names 
than extgrid (extgrid.cgi) for people who only use the cgi-bin directory 
to put CGI programs on their web server installation and do not 
overwrite the other demo project CGI programs.

Thanks for your time, and nice work guys on this! I'll test and learn 


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