[fpc-pascal] PPUMove usage, follow-up: it works on Linux.

tcoq at free.fr tcoq at free.fr
Sun Aug 15 13:08:19 CEST 2010

Hello all,

This is a follow-up message on yesterday's about making shared libraries with
units, using the ppumove tool.

Trying the ppumove procedure on an Ubuntu platform works perfectly.
I used the same test.pp code.
It compiled with "fpc -Cg" and produced test.o and a test.ppu files.
the "ppumove -o test -e ppl test.ppu produced a test.ppl and a libtest.so file
correctly. I still need to check if the code executes, but a least the shared
library is built on Linux.

I don't know why the same procedure doesn't work on Windows. Is it a problem
with the way I configure FPC? or LD? Has anyone tested ppumove on windows?

Best regards,

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