[fpc-pascal] FPC Object Pascal parser?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Apr 15 15:10:37 CEST 2010

In our previous episode, Graeme Geldenhuys said:
> >
> > No, it uses fcl-passrc.
> Perfect, thanks. Now my next question is, how up-to-date is the parser
> [compared to the FPC parser]? Looking at the repository history for
> the fcl-passrc directory, it looks like things are being updated.
> February had a large update from Mattias.

It roughly works, but there are problematic constructs. IIRC it doesn't
support some of the deprecated options.
> > A third, more limited parser exists inside ptop and other highlighting and
> > source beautifying tools.
> I would prefer to use something included with FPC - that at least
> promotes the idea that it will stay updated as new language features
> get added to FPC.

The rest was mentioned to be complete. I think fcl-passrc is the most sane
choice by far, both the parser, and because it is set up as a library.

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