[fpc-pascal] Initializing a record-type variable to get rid of the false-positive compiler hint

Bihar Anwar bihar_anwar at rocketmail.com
Wed Apr 14 17:13:51 CEST 2010

I still need compiler hint generated by FPC at compiling (I don't want to turn it off), but the hint sometime disturbs me because it's a false-postive detection.

Supposing I have a record-type variable, could someone here tell me how to initialize it properly so that FPC could notice the initialization, since the FillByte() and FillChar() way do not cause FPC aware of it?

This is part of my code:

  oSearchOptions: TSearchFileOptions;

FillByte(oSearchOptions, SizeOf(oSearchOptions), 0);

I got this compiler hint when compiling: 
     Variable "oSearchOptions" does not seem to be initialized.

Thanks for any comments.


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