[fpc-pascal] CLX is returning to Delphi 2011

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 11:51:51 CEST 2010

It seems Embarcadero is staying with Qt and CLX.

According to the following web page:

About Delphi 2011:
  According to Michael Rozlog [Delphi product manager]
in his Delphi Podcast interview:
Fulcrum (Codename for Delphi 2011) is currently in private beta phase,
and it will be available for public beta testing at the end of March or April.
The new cross-platform framework will be a sequel to CLX (based on QT
framework) which was available back in Delphi 6, and Delphi 7. The
main differences are:

1 - There will only one Windows IDE      available. For Linux and Mac,
you      will have to use either another      computer connected to
your      development machine, or      virtualization. According to
  Miachael Rozlog, the Delphi      debugger will automatically
     switch to Remote Debugger,
     and the executable will be run on      the target machine, and
you can      debug it just like your Windows      based projects, only
the forms will      be shown in the target machine
     (or your virtualization software      window), not your
development      machine desktop.
2 - Unlike Borland era, in Embarcadero      the Linux-version (name
unknown      yet) part will have a dedicated      development team.
3. There is no guarantee that 64-bit      support will be available in
this      release.

In this release we will see the new compiler which should provide a
plug-able architecture for supporting more platforms in future, better
optimized code, more support for new language features, an upgraded
compatibility between Delphi and C++ Builder code, and a unified DCU

  - Graeme -

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