[fpc-pascal] request for help: connecting to WIN1251 (ANSI) codepaged DB (FB1.0.3) in Lazarus

62mkv 62mkv at mail.ru
Thu Apr 1 15:19:09 CEST 2010

Hello ,

  when trying to connect to FB 1.0.3 server, to database that was
  created using WIN1251 (Windows Ansi Cyrillic) CHARSET, via SqlDB
  TIBConnection component, all Lazarus visual components display ASCII
  (32-127) characters OK, but all Cyrillic characters are displayed as

  I cannot convert DB (anyway, FB 1.0.3 doesn't
  support UTF8) or switch to using another FB.

  I've made requests on several FreePascal\Lazarus forums, all states
  that I need either to migrate to migrate to more recent version of
  FB (most popular advice, which I cannot follow) or "patch" SqlDB
  components so that they should make on-the-fly AnsiToUTF8 and vice versa conversion

  Please tell me, is it the only way, and if yes, than how to do it,
  more exactly, cause I'm a terribly new to Lazarus

Best wishes, 62mkv

mailto: 62mkv at mail.ru

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