[fpc-pascal] String to PString assignment?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Sep 29 15:03:37 CEST 2009

In our previous episode, Graeme Geldenhuys said:
> I'm converting a project from Sibyl (a old OS/2 IDE implement in
> SpeedSoft Pascal).
> Below is the code I'm trying to convert to Free Pascal. I see FPC has a
> PString type, but not FreePString() or NewPString(). Searching the FPC
> source code, I found the FP Text IDE using PString all over. The FP Text
> IDE uses this...  <some PString var> :=  NewStr(<string>);

> Do I need this when I use String = AnsiString in my projects?  Or can I
> simply do the following assignment:  _Title := @NevValue;

If you want to ansistringify, assume that pstring as a whole is ansistring,
and remove all pointers and let ansistrings automatic maintenance work.

Be careful with newstr, there are multiple versions of it. (a TP and Delphi
version) see 

Don't ever include objects and sysutils in the same unit.

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