[fpc-pascal] Please Help with inifile in WinCE (ReadSectionValues into stringlist)

epergola epergola at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 12 08:30:02 CEST 2009

I have a small translation file (pure ASCII DOS text) written in Win32. I
copied it to the emulator with Activesync.
The file contains one sections ('f') in this format
'Language||idioma'.  (etc.)
(i.e. the English test on the 1st half, the Spanish translation on the 2nd
In the WinCE test program run on the emulator, I read it this way:

 IniFile := TIniFile.Create(s) ;
        for i:=0 to tl.Count-1 do begin
Now all works fine when the (2nd half) Spanish part has only english
But when there are spanish special characters  (accented A or O and similar)
the tl[]
line is not written to memo1 at all.
I assume the inifile in Wince is widestring UTF* encoded, so i tried to
convert it
to ansi encoding but AFTER the tl string list is already populated. Is this
the problem?
If so, what should I ReadSectionValues into different form TStringList?
If the problem is other, can anyone give me clue? 
Thanks very much for any help

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