[fpc-pascal] Printing the FPC documentation

Corrado Valeri corradovaleri at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 10:18:01 CEST 2009

Graeme written:

> My problem is the RTL document. It is HUGE! Last time I checked, it was
> just under 1600 pages.
> * Has anybody else printed the RTL document? If so, how did you bind it?
>  No printer here wants to bind such a huge book.

> - Graeme -
I suggest the FPC dev team to consider the option to publish on lulu.com or
simil service the RTL books, maybe splitted in two or three volumes. With
money get back by the books sell we can finance FPC development.

Here is an example: I'm an italian delphi win32 programmer that wants to
move to linux operating systems, and I found this book
http://gapil.truelite.it/ that explain in italian how to develop under
This book, 700 pages, is free and opensource, is distribuited online but you
can *buy* also a printed copy on lulu.com. With money of every sell the
author add more pages to the book. Note that lulu.com doesn't print books
until their are sold. There is not a wast of paper :-)
So, buying this book, i financed the book itself and i have got a well
readable copy of this monolitic documentation.

What do you think about?
Bye all
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