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Pascal sur.pignard at wanadoo.fr
Sun Sep 6 08:48:40 CEST 2009

I'm new to FPC.
I've used TP for many years up to TP7 but not Delphi.
Then I came to Ada.
FPC seems to bring many enhancements to TP.
First I'm reading some documentation ;-)
I'm looking for a way to program with Cocoa on Mac.

When reading reference guide for Free Pascal, version 2.2.4, I have  
some questions or noticed little mistakes in:
§1.6 Numbers:
	- octal digit is used but not described, maybe something like ---  
octal digit --- 0 .. 8 ---
	- signed number is described but not used later
§ 2.2 Typed constants:
	- where are described what are constant, address constant, array  
constant, record constant, procedural constant ?
§ 4.6 Properties:
	- nodefault is not listed in reserved keywords ?
	- property definition is not referenced, should be in 13.4  
declaration part ?
§ 5.4 Constructors and destructors
	- qualified method identifier is not described, maybe like
	 --- qualified method identifier --- identifier ----
^------ . -------|
§ 6.1 Class definitions:
	- Class reference type seems to be class of class type "identifier".
	- What are two different descriptions of method definition ? seen in  
6.1 and 6.3.1
§ 9.1 Expression syntax:
	- variable reference is not described in factor
§ 9.2 Function calls:
	- method designator and qualified method designator are not described
§ 11.4 Parameter lists:
	- out parameter is written two times in syntax diag
§ 11.4.1 Value parameters:
	- default parameter value is not described
§ 12.2 Operator declarations:
	- does parameter list stand for formal parameter list ?
	- operator definition is not referenced, should be in 13.4  
declaration part?
§ 13.6 Libraries:
	- exports clause is not referenced  where should it be used?
§ 14.1 The raise statement:
	- exception instance is not described

Hope this help, best, Pascal.

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